The Aussie Guy’s Brief Bio

Philip J. Power is an innovative Learning and Development Strategist with extensive international experience in leadership, performance, consulting, evaluation, program management, and change interventions. He has worked with Fortune 1000, non-profit, and government organization in the United States, Kuwait, Taiwan and Australia.

Throughout his career, Philip has been recognized for his depth and breadth of knowledge, and his ability to architect cost-effective solutions. He is a consummate professional, exemplary facilitator, and passionate expert in human performance technology. Philip is an excellent communicator with sharp technology skills and an eye toward detail; he is exacting in his pursuit of excellence.

Philip’s previous position as Facilitator of executive education at Corporate Executive Board further honed his communication prowess with an international audience. He led and helped to develop a variety of sessions offered both on-site and online that received high accolades. Additionally, Philip managed initiatives on performance evaluation and learning solutions for Sun Microsystems’ (Sun) worldwide Learning Services. At Sun, his efforts directly resulted in multi-million dollar revenue gains.

Philip is passionate about crafting technology-enabled, web 2.0 learning environments that unleash potential and impact results. His unique combination of skills and expertise can benefit organizations seeking to nurture team talent and gain competitive advantage. He achieves results by sparking imagination, propelling engagement, cultivating teamwork, and driving accountability.

Philip holds a MA in Management from Webster University and a BS in Education from Queensland University of Technology (Australia). He is an active member of the Washington DC Chapter of the American Society for Training and Development and a Visitor Services Volunteer at the Newseum.


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