HR-IT Imperative: Complimentary Webinar

9 04 2010

HR-IT Imperative: What Every HR Professional Needs to Know About Using IT to Deliver HR Success

When: Wednesday, April 28, 2010
Time: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT

Registration: Website

Many organizations today are trying to make more effective use of Information Technology (IT) in order to deliver on their mission, reduce costs, improve quality, and save time.  Internal HR systems all have the potential to provide major leaps forward.  Unfortunately, many organizations spend countless hours and dollars building IT systems, yet they never achieve the expected results once the systems are live.  The problem is often not the technology itself, but rather the way the technology is used.  Most organizations ignore the critical element of user adoption and they often do not take the critical steps necessary to ensure their systems are used in a manner that delivers maximum benefits.

• Learn to differentiate between deploying technology vs. using technology to create value and deliver success.
• Develop a context for differentiating technology, process, and “people” issues using a framework for how you can take action to ensure IT success
• Identify the critical role HR professionals must play in driving effective user adoption in order to achieve their goals and deliver on their mission
• Share the 2 key questions for driving full user adoption of your IT system

• HR leadership & executives
• HR professionals implementing IT systems within their department
• HR professionals assisting other departments in major IT system implementations (like CRM, ERP, or other enterprise-wide technology)
• Professionals involved in the planning, managing and execution of IT implementation projects

Jason C. Whitehead, President of Tri Tuns, LLC, specializes in driving organizational change and increasing user adoption of IT systems.  Check out Jason’s blog.

And your truly, The Aussie Guy (Philip J. Power, Chief Strategist of Knowledge-Boost LLC).  Check out my VisualCV and my LinkedIn Profile.




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