Collaborative Text File Editing in Real Time: notapipe

9 04 2010

Let’s imagine you are writing a script (code) in Linden Language to animate your Second Life avatar and want to brainstorm the syntax in real time with one of your colleagues.  Well, wait no longer as notapipe is now available.

This is a  web service that allows you to edit text files in a realtime collaborative environment, from everywhere.  A free account will allow up to three users per document and then you can always upgrade to a Basic account at $9.90 per account that will allow six maximum users per document.

The service has some neat features:
1. A unique website address where you can store your documents and other collaborators can access your content.
2. Importing a text file into the current document so you don’t have to start from scratch.
3. A separate window for real-time chat while you are editing.
4. Color code indicator for the work of each editor.
5. Ability to create and then immediately name and retrieve revisions (versions) of the document.
6. Ability to tag a version of a document then generate a unique public website address for that version where others can view its contents.

Give it a test run and I’ll be interested in your feedback.  Happy editing!




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