The Ozzie Paule Chronicles: Adventures In Second Life

24 05 2010


Once a smiling Ozzie Paule rezzed into a Second Life
Onto a remote spot of the ImagiLearning islands
And he gazed as he walked around this place of tranquility
Who’ll help me connect with the island residents here?

Oh Second Life, oh Second Life, what a place to be
I need to explore and create in this immersive new world
Where there’s a will there’s a way so anything is possible
Let’s think how I can connect with the island residents here

So he stopped in his tracks and gazed into the ocean blue
And recalled a story from long ago about the ImagiLearning master
A mystic avatar by the name of Virtual Bacon, or VB for short
Will VB help me connect with the island residents here?

Oh Second Life, oh Second Life, what a place to be
How can I live and explore in this immersive new world?
Where there’s a will there’s a way so anything is possible
Recall the tools to connect with the island residents here

So he launched inworld communications and pondered what to write
But how could he easily reach out to the mystic named VB?
Luckily he’d befriended VB during the inaugural virtual learning experience
And there he was on the list of friends-currently inworld and online
Will VB remember me, one of the noobs from eons past?

So he highlighted VB’s name, clicked IM and began to tap away
Hi VB, it’s Ozzie, the guy with the quaint lilting accent and the funny green hat
Do you remember the time when you corralled a flock of wayward Aussie emus?
I’m back inworld for more adventure and would really appreciate your help
I’d like to reconnect with old friends from the ImagiLearning community

Within seconds VB responded: G’day Ozzie, great to hear you’re back with us
Lots has changed at ImagiLearning island since you last visited this magical world
However, your community friends still ask about you and raise a glass of cheer
To the Aussie from Down Under who brought his unique sense of humor
And a willingness to explore and collaborate to expand our sensory perception

Any chance of a teleport?, I typed as I pondered the exciting developments
Sure thing, responded VB, and up popped the familiar blue box to TP me
One click and I was gone in a whirl of expectation for time travel par excellence
To rez again in a swirling cloud at a place where I had not been before
Second Life lag I thought, as I began to reappear in familiar form and stance

I could hear VB speaking before I could see him as the scene rezzed slowly before my eyes
One of those days in Second Life, said VB, but great you’ve returned for more adventures
We have much to discuss my friend and to get you up to speed on exciting developments
Thanks for the warm welcome, I remarked as I took a deep breath to recollect my thoughts
And to recall prior experiences with old friends in planning, creating and testing projects


FCVW Conference 2010: Quotable Quotes

24 05 2010

I attended the Federal Consortium for Virtual Worlds (FCVW) Conference 2010 held at the National Defense University at Fort McNair in Washington DC on May 13-14, 2010.

This was an amazing event: mind-opening, insightful and energizing.  It was a privilege to interact with an eclectic group of virtual world experts, innovators and collaborators from US government agencies and companies from all over the Unites States and beyond.

I thought it would be worthwhile to pen some quotable quotes (to the best of my memory and with some “wordsmith” license) from a number of conference presenters:

Dr. Ted Castranova

“The main problems that vex society today are primarily social involving networks of people.”

“Natural problems like finding oil under the ocean can be easily solved.”

Ann Latham Cudworth

“Interactivity equals data selection.”

“Listen to and be one with the spirit of the data.”

“An artistic approach helps you engage with the data.”

Clark Aldrich

“Use simulation to tap the emotions of presence in virtual worlds.”

“Effective simulations need contextual activity that mimics the workplace.”

Dr. Tony O’Driscoll

“Knowledge management is an oxymoron.  Knowledge can only be enabled.”

“Content is king.  Context is the kingdom.”

Every Day by Alissa Moreno: Second Life Video by Pooky Media

18 04 2010

I just located this fabulous example of Second Life machinima produced by Pooky Media.

Pooky has once again excelled in producing a music video in Second Life starring Alissa Moreno performing her Grammy nominated song Every Day.  Apparently this is the first machinima music video by a Grammy nominted artist performing as herself in a virtual world.

Way to go Pooky!  Your talents and insights never cease to amaze!

The Magic (and Brilliance) of Particles in Second Life

18 04 2010

On Saturday, April 17 our ImagiLearning group was treated to an amazing array or sights and sounds as Jopsy Pendragon demonstrated his artistic and scripting skills.  Jopsy is the developer of the particle  tool called The Porgan that allows residents in Second Life to quickly create an endless array of particles that are special visual effects for the virtual world.

The beauty of The Porgan is that you do not need to know Linden Scripting Language (LSL).  Rather, The Porgan produces formatted LSL script to a website where you can copy the code to then create variations on the script when working in-world.

Some of Jopsy’s work is captured on Flickr and in this short video.

My basic understanding of LSL scripting is definitely growing as I start to understand the nuances and power of the code.  It’s always fun to experiment as I continue my quest to transform the way I think and create opportunities for immersive learning experiences.  I’m sure I’ll have more to report about my experiences with The Porgan and using LSL for specific projects in the near future (such as creating customized teleporters to instantly transport an avatar from one Second Life location to another).

Spotlight on Machinima in Virtual Worlds

24 03 2010

Veronica Butler-Borrer (aka Pooky Anderson in Second Life and @PookyMedia on Twitter) is the owner of the award- winning video company Pooky Media.  She recently wrote a guest post titled “The Business benefits of Second Life” on the It’s All Virtual blog .  Veronica’s company specializes in the production of virtual world video called machinima (a combination of the words machine and cinema) that can be defined as: animated film-making within in real-time virtual 3D environment.

Other instructional and reference sites for Machinima include:

Second Life US Holocaust Museum: Amazing and Impactful!

5 03 2010

I regularly attend meetings in Second Life (SL) that are sponsored by the Gronstedt Group.

On Thursday, March 4, I joined a group of approximately 30 folks from around the world on a guided tour of an amazing US Holocaust Museum experience in SL that commemorates the 70th anniversary of Kristallnacht which means “Night of Crystal,” and is often referred to as the “Night of Broken Glass.”  The name refers to the wave of violent anti-Jewish pogroms which took place on November 9 and 10, 1938 throughout Germany, annexed Austria, and in areas of the Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia recently occupied by German troops.  Read more about Kristallnacht in the Holocaust Encyclopedia.

The SL tour was organized by David Klevan, Education Manager for Technology and Distance Learning Initiatives, Division of Outreach Technology at the Holocaust Museum.  David’s SL avatar is Eubie Doobie.

This was one of the best (and most enlightening) kinesthetic experiences I have witnessed in SL!  As visitors, we experienced history as journalists investigating what happened on the “Night of Broken Glass”, listening to testimony from Holocaust survivors and examining artifacts in a ransacked section of a city.  This approach gives visitors a reason to gather information, listen, and question what they are seeing, hearing and experiencing.  The blend of effects makes the tour truly visually enlightening and viscerally impactful.  In fact, this transformative SL experience has become so powerful for some visitors that they needed to leave as they were totally overcome by a range of emotions.

David mentioned other points about this SL experience that are worthy of reflection:
1. Every visitor has a very personal journey that needs to be undertaken at their own pace and cannot be rushed.
2. Discovery-based learning that is enhanced by eye-witness testimony, sounds and visual clues allows for a series of choices regarding what to see and when.
3. There is absolutely no substitute for learning from eye witnesses whose story must be told.  The story drives the visitors’ journey while the artifacts and scenes are not the main focus.
4. The journey starts in black and white and ends in color to emphasize the journalistic investigative approach of moving from the unknown to learning about and remembering the actual people whose lives were indelibly altered by the historical event.

This SL tour definitely needs to be taken!  The US Holocaust Museum is located in SL at this map location.

Enterprise Learning in 3D: Karl Kapp and Tony O’Driscoll

10 02 2010

In two earlier posts I provided some brief background on 3D immersive learning leaders Karl Kapp and Tony O’Driscoll.  Today I wanted to briefly highlight a webinar presentation they recently gave to promote their new book titled “Learning in 3D“.  The presentation can be downloaded at Slidehare.

In my opinion, there are two highly impactful concepts and insights in the presentation:

1. “Webvolution” and the transition from:

  • Web 1.0 (Connecting “To”) for accessing and finding information, people, knowledge nuggets, etc. in a 2D world, to
  • Web 2.0 (Connecting “Through”) for sharing, participating and collaborating in the networked, mobile and 24×7 2D world, to
  • 3Di [3 dimension immersive] (Connecting “Within”) for collaborating on and co-creating content, knowledge, models, simulations, objects, etc. in an immersive 3D learning environment

2. VIE (Virtual Immersive Environment) “Sensibilities”:

  • The Sense of Self (unique identification and connection with an avatar who may or may not closely resemble the owner’s human form)
  • The Death of Distance (geographically dispersed individuals and teams can “physically” meet in the one place at the one time in the Second Life time continuum)
  • The Power of Presence (“being there” as an avatar with others at a meeting, conference, brainstorming session, etc. and actively contributing through voice and/or text chat)
  • The Sense of Space (3D space orientation and movement with the capability to transcend the mortal world – the ability to fly and teleport from one location [SLURL] to another at various altitides, etc.)
  • The Capability to Co-Create (the ability to singularly and jointly create “rez” objects and shape them into a vast array of items that can contain scripts for movement, sounds, etc.)
  • The Pervasiveness of Practice (the ability to set-up, run, evaluate and re-run a large variety of scenarios exercises to practice interactions with individuals, groups, machinery/objects, etc.)
  • The Enrichment of Experience (taking a trip to explore a beach, mountain hide-away, the North Pole, an oil rig off the Gulf Coast, or hanging-out wherever you wish to be for leisure or business, etc.)

The old adage “The Sky is the Limit” does not hold true in the 3D immersive world where the only limit is our imagination and our willingness to create new paradigms for learning and business.  Take a look at the complete slide deck.  I guarantee you will be amazed and enthralled to the possibilities and the potential.