Web 2.0 Technology Spotlight: MOBL21

24 02 2010

The era of democratization with web 2.0 applications continues to evolve and expand.  Last week I attended another great webinar that was sponsored by Emantras Inc., developers of the MOBL21 platform.  The platform allows anyone to create, manage and publish learning assets for global distribution to both desktops and mobile devices.

The company has trade marked the term “adaptive mobility” which means learning “accompaniment” (not the replication of formal content) that extends and reinforces the learning experience via multiple devices and environments.  The learner chooses what learning nuggets they need, when they need them and how they will use them within context to enhance their overall experience.  This is a a new spin on the just-in-time, just-enough and just-for-me analogy.

I signed up for a free (restricted) account and downloaded the MOBL21 desktop client plus Adobe Air.  Within about 10 minutes of experimenting, I had created a short study guide, a flash card,  and one quiz (containing a photo and feedback) and published the content to a group (containing just myself for a test).  Within minutes, I received an email that provided URLs for downloading the MOBL21 and Adobe Air desktop apps and the iPhone/iPod Touch app.  The email also provided a login name, password and content code to access the learning nuggets.  The application worked flawlessly on my desktop but I have not yet tried the iPhone app.

Learning nuggets are not limited to text.  Mobl21 allows the content developer to use audio, video and images to make the content fun, relevant and engaging

For the paid plans, single user accounts start at $49,99 per year and allow one content developer to publish to 50 users.  A total of 20 topics can be created and each topic can contain one study guide, 20 flash cards and 20 quiz questions.  Additional users can be added for $24.99 per year for 50.  The cost seems very reasonable, considering the simplicity and intuitiveness of all processes for the content creator.




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19 04 2010
19 04 2010

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