Enterprise Learning in 3D: Karl Kapp and Tony O’Driscoll

10 02 2010

In two earlier posts I provided some brief background on 3D immersive learning leaders Karl Kapp and Tony O’Driscoll.  Today I wanted to briefly highlight a webinar presentation they recently gave to promote their new book titled “Learning in 3D“.  The presentation can be downloaded at Slidehare.

In my opinion, there are two highly impactful concepts and insights in the presentation:

1. “Webvolution” and the transition from:

  • Web 1.0 (Connecting “To”) for accessing and finding information, people, knowledge nuggets, etc. in a 2D world, to
  • Web 2.0 (Connecting “Through”) for sharing, participating and collaborating in the networked, mobile and 24×7 2D world, to
  • 3Di [3 dimension immersive] (Connecting “Within”) for collaborating on and co-creating content, knowledge, models, simulations, objects, etc. in an immersive 3D learning environment

2. VIE (Virtual Immersive Environment) “Sensibilities”:

  • The Sense of Self (unique identification and connection with an avatar who may or may not closely resemble the owner’s human form)
  • The Death of Distance (geographically dispersed individuals and teams can “physically” meet in the one place at the one time in the Second Life time continuum)
  • The Power of Presence (“being there” as an avatar with others at a meeting, conference, brainstorming session, etc. and actively contributing through voice and/or text chat)
  • The Sense of Space (3D space orientation and movement with the capability to transcend the mortal world – the ability to fly and teleport from one location [SLURL] to another at various altitides, etc.)
  • The Capability to Co-Create (the ability to singularly and jointly create “rez” objects and shape them into a vast array of items that can contain scripts for movement, sounds, etc.)
  • The Pervasiveness of Practice (the ability to set-up, run, evaluate and re-run a large variety of scenarios exercises to practice interactions with individuals, groups, machinery/objects, etc.)
  • The Enrichment of Experience (taking a trip to explore a beach, mountain hide-away, the North Pole, an oil rig off the Gulf Coast, or hanging-out wherever you wish to be for leisure or business, etc.)

The old adage “The Sky is the Limit” does not hold true in the 3D immersive world where the only limit is our imagination and our willingness to create new paradigms for learning and business.  Take a look at the complete slide deck.  I guarantee you will be amazed and enthralled to the possibilities and the potential.




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