3D Immersive Thought Leader: Dr. Karl Kapp

31 01 2010

Two weeks ago I attended a WOW presentation on “Innovations in Technology and the Impact on Organizational Learning” by Dr. Karl Kapp that was organized by Learning Tree International and their Learning Leader’s Forum.  Karl is a professor and consultant at Bloomsburg University in Scranton, Pennsylvania and describes himself as “wearing many hats…consultant, speaker, writer, scholar and expert in the convergence of learning, technology and business operations.”  His blog, titled Kapp’s Notes is a rich collection of resources, musings, reflections, insights and promotions for his books.

Karl is the consummate story-teller who immediately grabbed and held the audience’s attention through a journey of reflections that ranged from World of Warcraft to the iPhone to cereal boxes to augmented reality to 3D simulations in Second Life.  This whirlwind tour countained some real “gems” for reflecting on learning from multiple, divergent perspectives:

  • Pattern recognition is a critical skill for surviving in today’s always-on technology-enabled world
  • Learning is a process that must be delivered over time – repetition is the key
  • Twitter can be leveraged to delivery learning “courses” in “bite-sized chunks”
  • Cognitive dissonance is not bad but necessary for learning new concepts and ideas
  • “Trainers” are most effective when they operate as learning catalysts
  • The future of learning is “and”.  For example, blending mobile devices and classes as part of the learning “surround”
  • The impact on performance and cost benefit is far more critical than ROI when considering the use of 3D immersive environments for learning



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