Screenpresso: Professional screenshots for free!

7 01 2010

It’s always great to find another useful web 2.0 tool that you can downloaded and used for free.  I recently started experimenting with Screenpresso that is an excellent alternative to Snagit (list price US$49.95).

One of the great features is screenshot history where Screenpresso stores up to 100 images (saved in PNG, JPG, GIF or PNG formats) sorted by date.  Screenshots are given automatic file names and these can easily be renamed or deleted.  This is a huge advantage over saving images to your hard drive.  You can drag-and-drop screenshots from history to any application that will accept images-neat and simple. The built-in editor provides an array of features including adding text boxes, callouts, annotations and arrows.

The features that really caught my attention were the ability to send screenshots to an email client (such as Outlook or Gmail) or to Twitter (thanks to Twitpic integration).  In the era of social networking, this provides yet another way to easily share visuals with online contacts.

Bravo to Screenpresso and enjoy experimenting!




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