3D Virtual Worlds for Learning: Is 2010 the BIG Year?

2 01 2010

I was scanning various Google alerts and thought it would be interesting to open my 2010 posts by referencing a post by Karl Knapp.  Karl is an expert on the convergence of learning, technology and business operations and his January 1, 2010 article highlight the fact that virtual learning environments, although still in their infancy, are here to stay.

The wide-spread adoption of 3D virtual environments is facing similar issues to the initial introduction of the world wide web.  Yes, the skeptics still abound and there can be genuine security concerns from an IT perspective.  However, many of the obstacles are being overcome as learners are demanding more impactful and engaging experiences than cannot be provided by the “tried and true” world of 2D webinars.  This is a similar analogy to today’s mobile consumers who are demanding a host of apps on their smart phones as they are no longer satisfied with text chat.  Furthermore, as the global economy continues to grow, corporations and organizations around the world are looking for new ways to connect and involve their geographically-dispersed team members in real-world business issues and initiatives.

Perhaps 2010 will be the BIG year for 3D immersive worlds for learning, eaducation and business.  Like Karl I remain optimistic as individual, groups and corporations open their minds to the possibilities of collaborating and interacting in different ways that continue to question “conventional wisdom”.   If you are in any doubt of the possibilities for 3D immersive, go to the movies and see Avatar.




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