Energizing Workshop: A Brief Synopsis

30 11 2009

On Friday, November 20, I attended the ASTD DC Chapter Special Interest Group monthly meeting where Suzanne Kryder, PhD presented “Marketing Misgivings: Overcome Your Fear, and get into Action to Grow your Business”.  Suzanne explained that our brains are naturally negative but we can train our brains to become neurtal so that we will respond with “calm, confident power”.  Through a series of practical exercises, Suzanne stepped us through a process for identifying marketing blocks in the four realms of experience that prevent us from achieving what we want and deserve for our business and life.  The four realms include: Physical (body sensations), Mental (thoughts), Emotional (feelings) and Behavioral (action).  We also practiced using a “Judge-Your-Neighbor Mini-Worksheet” developed by Byron Katie in order to question concerns and prejudices about someone else and to turnaround the thought.

According to Suyzanne, “we can train our brains to change the process, release the negative, and allow neutral”.  I was somewhat skeptical initially but after completing the exercises and sharing with other attendees, I could definitely see how easily we can become paralyzed and embrioled in blockages that do not serve any purpose.  Negative thoughts are not real, they are just the “smoke screens” that cause us to waste time and “spin our wheels”.  The good news is that we can easily learn valuable techniques to change the process to ensure the outcomes are “calm, confiednet power”.  Upon reflection, I was reminded of transformational “out of the box” thinking where action is spurred by focusing on what can be done or what actions can be taken to change/improve a situation.  My experiences in 3D immersive environments has certainly been transformational and now that I have learned to identify blocks using Suzanne’s techniques, I can be more effective in helping others to understand the value and benefits of technology-enabled learning soultions




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