Linden Lab’s Amanda Van Nuys on Avatars, Las Vegas and Competition

3 11 2009

Over the past few weeks, I seem to have suffered from writer’s block.  I’ve read and thought about a whole range of topics, particularly those dealing with 3D immersive learning and Second Life.  So to help get the creative juices flowing again, I thought I’d quote from a very interesting interview that appeared recently on the 3DTLC website.

“Amanda Van Nuys, aka Amanda Linden, wrote a piece on the Working Inworld blog recognizing the “imperative” of work avatars – i.e., a professional-looking avatar – as being a major step in the enterprise adoption of immersive environments and virtual worlds.  The response to this entry, which also included an interview with ThinkBalm’s Sam Driver, was overwhelming, with 150+ comments posted so far.  3DTLC felt an interview with Amanda would be useful to clarify her points.”

In the interview, Amanda  also mentions the official launch of Nebraska, the enterprise, standalone, behind-the-firewall version of Second Life, that will occur during a mixed reality event on Wednesday, November 4.

Happy reading while I continue to focus on some original perspectives and reflections.




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