Screenjelly and Wordle: Creative web 2.0 fun and learning

8 07 2009

This week has seen a bonanza of excellent web 2.o tips from Janes’s E-learning Tip of the Day.  This morning I learned about Screenjelly .  This allows you to record your screen activities with voice and then share your three minute maximum mini-video via your Twitter stream or email.  You need to first logon to your Twitter account to share your recording on your stream.  There are no software downloads as this is a Java applet that launches in your browser.

Yesterday I was intrigued to learn about  and experiment with Wordle.  Once again, there is not need to hassle with a software download as your generate word cloud pictures from text that you copy and paste into a window.   The words that appear most frequently in your text are given greatest prominence in the form of size and thickness of the alpha characters.  Once the cloud generates then it can be changed into an endless array of randomly generated “pictures” that can be printed, saved to a gallery, or shared with your friends.

This morning I ran a short experiment using both Screenjelly and Wordle then shared my efforts on my Twitter stream.  What an easy, fun and creative way to share information, insights, cool ideas, brainstorms, etc.  The possibilities are endless with these amazing web 2.0 technologies that can propel Twitter tweets to another level.  You can experience my efforts here.

Thanks once again Jane for sharing information about these amazing applications.




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