Alaska Trip: Each picture tells a thousand words (at least)

2 06 2009

Last week I wrote about an outstanding trip into the great outdoors of Alaska.  I received a number of requests for photos that are located on our Flickr site.

It was almost impossible to take the photos on the glacier due to the reflection from the ice and water.  However, we have learned that one of the “secrets” of taking good photos is to hold the camera very steady while taking and holding a deep breath.  Our fully automatic Sony Cyber-shot 7.2 mega pixel digital camera takes a great shot once we learned this “secret”.  You can almost “feel” the cold as white morphs to various shades of blue in the crevases and the small lakes.

After this experience, we have some small indication of how mountaineers become mesmerized and engaged in their ice climbing and walking treks into remote mountain regions.  Time almost stood still and our three hour adventure seemed to be over so quickly.  We caught the skiing “bug” many years ago and now we have definitely caught the ice-trekking “bug”!   We can highly recommend this activity for anoyone who yearns to experience the absolute thrill of walking on a glacier (with an experienced guide of course) and marveling at the wonder and power of mother nature.  Definitely don’t forget to take your camera to record your adventure and share it with the world.




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