Glacier Trekking in Alaska: Way cool experience!

28 05 2009

I’ve just returned from five days in Alaska.  I was captivated by the amazing scenery of the great outdoors and the friendly folks in this northern-most state where time seems to stand still.  This was a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of Washington DC and provided an opportunity to re-energize the body and the mind.

Before we departed on May 22, my wife Joyce and I had planned and booked an exciting excursion on a glacier, run by MICA Guides.  I had searched the internet for glacier trekking and was intrigued by the comment from one visitor: “I’ve seen several glaciers from trains, buses and boats; but nothing compares to actually standing on one!”

This is indeed an understatement.  What an amazing three-hour learning and FUN experience from start to finish!

Our kiwi (NewZealand) guide Jeff provided a totally memorable narration from start to finish as we traversed the Matanuska Glacier, just two hours drive from Anchorage.   From explaining the features of moulons (sinkholes) to crevasses large and small, Jeff kept us enthralled as an amazing landscape unfolded before our eyes.  At a couple of points, we drank crystal-clear glacier water and  marveled at the amazing ice structures and the breath-taking scenery of the surrounding mountains.  For most of the time we were the only humans on the glacier and were privileged to experience just the breeze of the crisp mountain air and  the faint twitter of the mountain birds.

This experience left such an impression that we cannot wait to return for ice climbing on the glacier!

Bravo to Jeff and MICA!  We now have a better apprecation for the fragility of nature’s “bulldozers” and the impact that global warming is having on Alaska’s pristine landscape.




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