3D TLC: An amazing experience!

29 04 2009

Question: Where can you network for two days with “veterans”, “boomers” and “xers” from around the globe who are driving the development and implementation of 3D learning and business environments?

Answer: At the 3D TLC (Training Learning and Collaboration Conference) that was held at Gallaudet University in Washington DC on April 20-21, 2009.

I volunteered with Show Initiative LLC (the owners and producers of the event) to assist with event operations and was able to attend a number of the highly-interactive and thought-provoking sessions and panel discussions.  I was amazed at the number of folks who were “twittering” and blogging each session and providing instantaneous perceptions and feedback to the conference chair and their constituent readers.

The energy in the conference center was electric and I was enthralled by the insights into how 3D worlds are enriching our global digital culture through an impressive array of immersive learning experiences that evoke emotions and visceral responses from active involvement.  Nonetheless, there was consensus amongst participants and presenters that 3D is not a panacea; rather it is an important (and expanding) element of a truly blended approach that can be leveraged for a range of educational and business purposes.  We are only limited by our imagination and willingness to experiment once we know the strategic vision or our key stakeholders.

There is so much to report that I’ll write additional entries.  But for now I’ll leave a question: What is the difference between “being there” and “doing there” in a 3D world?




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