Volunteering at the Newseum: The Journey Begins

23 04 2009

Lat week I attended a comprehensive two day core orientation training session at the Newseum, the world’s most interactive museum located on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC.  I have volunteered as a Visitor’s Services Representative and will be assigned to directly assist visitors and provide exceptional customer service in response to inquiries, comments or concerns.  The Freedon Forum is the parent company of the Newseum and is a non-partisan foundation dedicated to free press, free speech and free spirit for all people.

I must compliment the Newseum team for the depth, breadth and scope of their orientation program for volunteers which is basically that same one as that undertaken by employees.  This approach speaks volumes for the Newseum’s goal of  delivering great visitor service where everyone opreates under the K.I.S.S mantra (Keep It Simple and Sincere).

The Newseum will “speak” when all team members actively engage, entertain and educate visitors by applying the service standards of safety, courtesy and respct, knowledge and efficiency.  All visitors can rest assured that they will enjoy a “wow” experience in a unique environment that takes them behind the scenes to experience how and why news is made.

Some interesting “factoids” about the Newseum:

  • 80 newspaper front pages from around the world are enlarged and updated daily
  • 27 hours of media content are displayed in theaters, integrated into exhibition galleries and presented at kiosks
  • 74 foot-high marble engraving of the First Amendment forms part of the ecterior’s unique architecture

I will continue to document my experiences as a volunteer at the Newseum so pleae wath for future posts.  I’m sure this will be a thrilling and rewarding adventure.




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