Marketing Ideas that Educate: Great Tips!

1 04 2009

I’m learning a great deal about marketing and branding from webinars and teleconferences and have learned that the concepts can be applied so many ways.  Once again, I wanted to share additional great tips I recently obtained from a panel discussion on “Creating Marketing Materials that Educate”.  This session was  hosted by John Jantsch from Duct Tape Marketing.

John opened the discussion with a quote from Thomas Kempis, a German writer: “The purpose of education is not simply to teach but to inspire action”.   How true-unless a person is motivated to do something different as a result of learning then all the knowledge they gain will be in vain.

The panelists provided the following ideas and insights:

1. On the back of a business card, include a speech balloon where a new contact can write a thought or idea in relation to their interaction with you.

2. Blogs that encourage interaction and comment are fast replacing “About Us” pages on websites.

3. CEOs and senior executives who are early adopters of technology and are thought leaders in their field are quickly becoming active users of Twitter.

4. Connect with your customers and clients through multiple touch points (communication channels) that have a consistent message as to how you can solve their problems.

5. Less is better.  Keep your marketing messages simple with only the essential information and leverage white space in web-based and printed materials.




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