The Power of a Smile to Connect

14 03 2009

Over the past few weeks I have given top priority to networking and have made numerous connections during a time of career transition.  As the saying goes “It’s people that really matter”, I have been amazed at the power of a simple smile and a kind word when one takes the initiative to connect on a personal level.

All too often we become so focused on achieving a task or getting a job done in our daily work settings that we forget about the importance to acknowledge and reflect on small acts of kindness that happen all around us.  Yesterday I met for coffee with a colleague in a bakery near the Farragut West Metro stop.  I enjoyed the chance to catch-up on the past month and to discuss our individual plans for a new career adventure.  I joined a short line to pay for my coffee and bagel and noticed that the person behind the cash register gave everyone a huge smile and a friendly comment.  In turn, each customer left the front counter with a smile and a spring in their step.

As I looked around the bakery, other staff members also smiled as they personally greeted custmers who were sitting down to enjoy their morning cup of java.  I noticed that the whole atmosphere was filled with energy and lively conversation and strangers at different tables were also acknowledging each other.   This was indeed a wonderful opportunity to observe and participate in the simple act of greeting someone with a smile and a kind word. I’ll definitely return to this bakery and will recommend it to others.




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