The Flexibility of SharePoint

10 03 2009

Today I attended an informative and thought-provoking webinar sponsored by Corporate Learning Trends & Innovations.  The topic was SharePoint in Corporate Learning, a two hour session that highlighted mini case-studies of how a number of companies have leveraged the functionality and flexibility of this web 2.0 software application.

The first session was hosted using Elluninate collaborative software and leveraged the voice over internet protocol (VoIP) capabilities of the application for all audio. Tony Karrer, CEO/CTO of TechEmpower and Kim Caise co-moderated the two hour webinar.  I was one of 82 global learning colleagues who attended the session.

Tony’s and Kim’s blogs are definitely worth a read and subscription via RSS or XML.  Presenters for the first session are highlighted on Tony’s blog.  The second session will be held on Thursday, March 12 from 8AM to 9AM PDT (11AM to 12Noon EDT).

I was amazed at the innovative ways that companes are leveraging the  flexibility of SharePoint for learning and collaboration via wikis, blogs, podcasts, question forums, photo galleries, document libraries, discussion boards, recorded virtual sessions, user-generated content, communities of practice, etc.  I have not personally used the application but now have an appreciation of how SharePoint can be leveraged as the hub for an integrated and learner-centric learning infrastructure, processes and content.

I learned a new term “pattern library” which is a model or ways people are using a technology application such as SharePoint.  Tony’s has blogged about SharePoint pattern libraries.

Thanks to Tony, Kim, the presenters and all participants for an excellent session that showcased the collective wisdon of  global learning professionals.




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