Harbingers of Spring

8 03 2009

Today marked the first day of daylight savings in the USA.  The weather at around 8AM EDT was perfect at 60 degree F to venture outside and enjoy some exercise.  Spring was definitely in the air as my wife Joyce and I power-walked on the trail from Theodore Roosevelt Island along the Potomac River in Virginia, just across from the national monuments in Washington DC.

We had not been on this path for a few months and it was definitely invigorating to be back in the open air.  Over the winter season we had exercised in the gymnasium of our apartment building but today was the ideal opportunity to experience one of the most enjoyable times of the year.  As we walked at a brisk pace and chatted on a range of topics, I noticed quite a transformation in the vegetation from the last time we were on the path.  Weeping willow trees were no longer skeletons-rather their forlorn branches were sprouting small leaves.  From a distance, these trees looked like mini-fountains and I could envision small green drops flowing down each stem like thick drops of unfiltered olive oil.  On either side of the path daffodil and tulip bulbs were shooting up inches above the ground in a number of flower beds and I imagined the bursts of vibrant colors that would be appearing over the coming weeks.

Traffic on the George Washington Memorial Parkway was not as busy as other Sunday mornings and it was definitely easier to hear the birds chirping as they flew beside the water’s edge.  There was also less air traffic in and out of Reagan National Airport and we were not continually bombarded by the whine of jet engines and the smell of aviation fuel.  Yes, today was special in so many ways and it was great to be sharing and experiencing the wondrous outdoors.

Once again I remined myself not to take anything for granted and to be forever thankful for everyone and everthing in my life.  The simplest things like sharing a walk in nature and conversation are often times the most impactful and meaningful.




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