Domain name registration for a business: Options, options…

2 03 2009

Over the weekend my wife and I brainstormed a number of potential names that encapsulate our core business philosophy for our  start-up company so I used these as a starting point to research domain names.  This morning I checked  the availability of these names on Go Daddy.   I then registered for an account before actually starting the registration process.

When I logged into my account and started to register a name, I was given other options such as hosting the site etc.,  and quickly realized this process wold require further thought and discussion about budget, capabilities, and business needs to name a few.  By itself, domain name registration is $9.99 per year.  However, if site hosing on Go Daddy is also requested, the price is $4.79 per month and then the domain name registration is just $1.99 for a year.  You can choose to register a name for two or more years but then you have to pay upfront for hosting over that same time period.

Other neat tools are also available and these are charged on a monthly basis (with payment up front for the package).  One  application is called WebSite Tonight to build the site with point and click ease and this is $4.49 per month, while another application is called SmartSpace that will aggregate blogs, photos, social spaces, YouTube videos, etc. and this is $4.74 per month.

All in all we can register a domain name, obtain hosting, and use some tools on Go Daddy for around $150 to $200 per year (or around $60 per year if we just want the domain name and hosting).  Once again, this is another interesting experience and I quickly realized I needed more thought and discussion before “diving in”.

So, do you still want to know what business name we’ve chosen?  Stay tuned, all will be revealed soon.




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