You need FANS to get NOTICED!

26 02 2009

Today I was entertained and enthralled by Scott Ginsberg on an interview hosted by William Arruda and Susan Guarneri from Reach Branding Club

Scott is a multiple-book author, award-winning blogger, and global speaker on approachability and strategies for gaining visibility, memorability, and trust. He’s know as “The Nametag Guy” who is often quoted on Fast Company and The Wall Street Journal.

Some of the riveting points about unique branding and getting noticed I learned from Scott were:

  1. Being approachable is a two-way street and the #1 way to be “epproachable” is via blogging (hence I was energized to start this blog today!).  You must take the first step so that people will then respond to you.
  2. It’s not good enough to be different.  Rather you need to be UNIQUE.  You need to be know as “the only one who…” in order to add value to a target segment.
  3. Identify your uniqueness by asking three questions: What are you known for?  What are you known for knowing? What are you known as?
  4. Think in terms of “FANS” rather than “customers’ or “clients”.  Fans are insistent, become addicted, and will definitely tell their friends about you.
  5. Incorporate passion into EVERY conversation.  Personify who you are and what you do in a cool way.  Focusing on passion creates a comfort situation that makes you approachable and builds trust with others.
  6. Create you unique PHILOSOPHY card, rather that a business cards.  Determine the 5-7 points about your philosophy by asking yourself: “If everyone did exactly what I suggested, what would their world be like?”  Print the name and contact details of your company on the front of the card and your philosophy on the back.



2 responses

3 03 2009
Paul Katchings

This piece is a rare gem!

1 04 2009

Thanks for your comment Paul. Sorry it has taken me some time to reply. Cheers, Phil

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